Have you ever been in an awkward situation?

If you have then tell me was it as awkward as sending a sexy nude which was meant for your significant other to a workgroup chat of 20 people? Probably not.

Let’s face it; we have all been in very awkward situations, especially when it comes to sexting your partner. The possibility of all sorts of weird things to happen at any time is always there. Also, sending nudes has always been a risky business.

So today we have compiled for you some of the hilarious confessions by a group of people who have shared their sexting stories with us.

Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Never forget to destroy evidence. I repeat, NEVER.

“Years ago in high school, an ex and I sexted during a huge snowstorm. Because of the blizzard, my family was home with me for days. My youthful self didn’t think to delete the messages afterward. The day after I sexted my ex, my family and I were playing Rock Band. As I was obliviously banging on the drums with my phone on the couch next to me, my mom sneakily grabbed my phone, sat next to me, and read my messages from last night! I looked at her after the song I was playing finished and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ She simply replied, still reading the messages, ‘Reading your texts.’ I was horrified. Needless to say, I received a lengthy lecture about how to talk to guys and what not to talk about with your boyfriend. I haven’t really made sexting a real thing with my current boyfriend because of that scarring incident. Moral of the story: delete, delete, DELETE!” —Sophia, 23

2. This is just too embarrassing.

“I was at home and my boyfriend was at work. We had been sexting basically all day and up until about an hour until he got home [when] I decided to change things up a bit. I took out one of the vibrators that he had bought me and I recorded a video of me using it. I sent it and was waiting on a response. I didn’t get any messages from him for an hour, and by that time, I knew he was off work. When he got home, he informed me that he opened it at his desk at work not thinking and three of his bosses saw my video. So basically every time I go see him at work, I feel totally judged by all the guys there, because that is something that you can’t unsee. We also didn’t have sex that night because we were both humiliated.” —Haley, 20

3. The most hilarious confession of all time.

“I texted my boyfriend who was mountain biking with his dad, “You still biking or are u ready to ride me?” His dad, who accidentally picked up his phone, replied with ‘Sarah this is Colton’s dad, I’m using his phone this afternoon, but I’ll be sure to pass along the message.’” —Sarah, 21

4. This is why people use nicknames in their contact lists instead.

“I was talking to this guy that I met off Tinder. We hadn’t hooked up yet, but we went on multiple dates and texted nonstop. We were texting one day and things started to get extra flirty. He was getting me all sorts of hot and bothered. He was sending me these paragraphs of descriptive, picture-perfect sex scenes. I swear he could be an author if he wanted to. Fifty Shades of Grey has nothing on him. Anyway, I wanted to come back with something equally as good, because I knew I couldn’t top him. I wanted to catch him off guard too. I started typing up something in my “notes” app. It took me all day. I even got help from multiple friends … I was so ready to send it to him and just see what he had to say. So I copy and pasted my note and hit send. Hours went by and I hadn’t heard anything … I was like, ‘Great. I ruined it all.’ I go to look at my text and my heart sank to the ground. I sent it to the wrong person. The wrong person? My cousin. Who is also a David. Family dinners will never be the same.” —Abbey, 23

5. Woah. That’s messed up.

“One night, I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I was telling him about the pictures I’ve taken for him but never actually sent to him. I was always too nervous to send them because they were the raunchiest photos I’ve ever taken. I decided to do it anyway, and I accidentally sent it to his dad! They both have the same name and I sent the picture so quickly that I didn’t double-check to make sure it was the right person! I immediately flipped out and made him call his little sister to delete the picture on his phone while he was sleeping (it was 3:30 a.m.). She didn’t answer, so I had to call his little brother. Eventually, his sister woke up and they both went to delete the picture. Now both of his siblings have seen this mortifying photo of me, and it’s been awkward ever since.” —Liv, 22


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