#1 It’s all in the breath.

Breathe in, breathe out. Remember those times when you’re angry or excited? What do you notice happens to your breathing? It changes. You start breathing faster. Okay, so, now think about the time when you were horny and staring at your girlfriend. You probably looked at her like you wanted to eat her. Meaning, your breathing started to increase. She’s no different. In fact, if she’s breathing heavily, and if you didn’t piss her off nor is she crying, then it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s horny. If you’re new to sex, then this will be something you’ll just have to pay attention to, you’ll notice it more over time.

#2 Moaning.

Ah yes, the classic moan. It’s usually paired with heavy breathing, and if she’s not moaning, this means she’s holding it in which isn’t that good because she’s restricting herself and most likely tensed. So, if she’s naturally moaning while making out with you or while you’re touching her, she’s aroused. If she’s trying not to moan, as some girls are slightly shy about that, help her relax. Meaning—tell her to moan. You can say it encouragingly and in a sexy way like, “Scream for me, baby!”, “I love it when you moan!”, “Moan louder!”. These phrases help her relax mentally and enjoy the sexual moment with you.


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