#3 Hips don’t lie.

Listen, the hips never lie. If you pay attention to her body language, when she’s aroused, you’ll see her move her hips in a faster motion. Think about when you see two people dancing. Usually, she’s grinding her hips against the guy’s leg, and it can be either in a fast or slow and sensual motion. Okay, wait, I have a better example. You’re on the couch watching a movie with your girlfriend. She’s cuddling up next to you, and you feel her hips slowly grinding against your leg.

#4 Impatience.

If you’re not getting the clues, you should be able to see her arousal level by how impatient she is. If she’s really horny, she’ll eventually just take the business into her own hands and work on getting you aroused. She doesn’t want to waste the time, and I don’t blame her. She may end up climbing on top of you while you’re watching TV or walk into the bathroom naked while you’re showering. Basically, what I’m trying to get at is, impatience is a very clear sign that she’s horny


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