It is said that reading the female gender’s mind is a very complex task!  There is more to her wants than the [email protected][email protected] and her butt, which many men most frequently like to investigate. These are some of the touches which you can use during s3x and foreplay, or for just rendering her some enjoyment after a hard day. Women want to be touched this way but will never agree! And this will surely earn you some brownie points in bed. Make sure you touched her at the right place and at the right time.

Here are 13 Places Women Wants To Be Touched But Will Never Say!

1. Hair

This is one place you wouldn’t want to mess. But when you slightly caress her hair it can make your night a goodnight!

2. Her Neck

The neck is often overlooked in favor of more simple pleasure zones, but never underrate the stamina of gentle kisses and touch from her shoulders to her hairline.

3. Collarbone

It is one of the most charging parts in a body of women. Appreciate her even when she is fully covered!

4. Concentrate on her back

Kissing down her spine to close up with a smack on her back will get her heart racing.


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