Despite how many times a person can have sex, there are always new things to be learned about the art of making love. This article is going to list 15 different aspects of having sex that many people may not know about. For example, did you know that the average sexual “session” spends about 100 calories? That would mean that having sex multiple times per day may expend enough calories to even cause some people to lose weight as if they were going to the gym.

The Amount of Calories Sex Burns

According to various available statistics, sex on average burns around 100 calories per person, with spending a slightly higher amount. What is even more interesting is that the calorie expenditure figure is per session, so doing it multiple days would spend even more calories.

How Much Intercourse Happens Every Day

Another interesting statistic is that on average (for the whole world), there are a 100 million occurrences of sexual intercourse. That means that on average, every 30th person in the world has had sex at least once in the past 24 hours.

Many People Claim It is Addictive

According to many people who have experienced different amount of sexual “success,” they claim that the more sex a person has, the more they are going to crave it. It seems that the only cure for horniness is to abstain from sex for a while.

The Average Amount of Time a Person Spends Kissing

Here is another mind-boggling statistic. Did you know that the average person in the world is going to spend a whopping 20,160 minutes kissing and making out. The amount includes both kissing as part of the foreplay, and kissing in general.


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