Do you know the secret pleasure points needed to touch on a man, that gets him aroused? Well, the general sexual part many women try to explore of a man is the penis. They feel that’s where all the pleasure lies, which is definitely true, but there are more areas that gives twice as much pleasure to the man, than the penis. Hence, you need to focus and touch those pleasure points, which will get him aroused more than expected.

1. Chest Hair

Do not ignore his chest hair if he does have, try to play with them because it’s one of the pleasure points in a man, which is very sensitive. So, sway your fingers through it or run your palm gently on their hairy chest up and down and in circles. This will stimulate his nerve endings and get him aroused.

2. The Third Eye

Don’t mistake it for the butthole, as the third eye is situated in the center of the forehead and is also one of the pleasure points of the body. All the stress is relieved from him, the moment you place your thumb and press that area with a little pressure. Remember, tension will never get him aroused, so first things first.

3. The Root of the Penis

We all know how the penis throbs the moment you touch it because of it being one of the primary pleasure points. But if you go slightly below, which is the root of the penis where the testicles connect, pleasure exists there also. So if that area is massaged, tickled and rubbed gently, he will be in seventh heaven.

4. The Head

The only thing that knows his head, one of the pleasure points very well is the comb because he feels pleasure while combing. So what, if you run your fingers through his scalp, wouldn’t that double the pleasure for him and get him aroused? Surely it will if you just rotate your fingers in circular motions gently on his head

5. The Prostate

The area around a man’s anus is extremely sensitive to light touch and deep pressure. If your man desires then prostate massage to orgasm can add a new dimension of pleasure. Press and touch lightly on the anal opening with a lubed finger then massage and press in circular motions, then slide your finger in slowly if you find him enjoying it.


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