6. The Temples

Massage the temples, which is sides of the forehead when you add pressure to the third eye, by slowly rotating your fingers in pleasing and circular motion. As I said earlier, he will get aroused the moment his stress and tension disappear because the temple area has a mass density of nerve endings, and lightly massaging them can trigger dopamine and serotonin (feel-good hormones).

7. The Facial Bones

The face has a unique facial structure compared to the rest of the body. When his head is on your lap, gently stroke his face with the palm of your hand or just swirl your fingertips around his face shape and the bones. This feather touch play on his facial bones will simply have him aroused and hit the bed with you.

8. The Lips

Make sure to kiss slowly and suck on the outside bottom lip and with the tip of your tongue stroke up and down, yet keep his lower lip inside yours and nibble it as tenderly as you can. It’s one of the pleasure points you touch, that gets stimulated when you tease it, magnifying the sensation straight to his member below.

9. The Shoulder Blades

It’s not only a hand massage or a touch on the shoulders that will release all tensions but a little bit of elbowing technique will do the trick. Place your elbow on his shoulder and tenderly press up and down in-between his shoulder bones and trust me, you will find him moaning with comfort and getting aroused too.

10. The Neck

He will instantly get aroused when you kiss the area just below his Adam’s apple. This area is directly linked to the sexual organ of the man, so tenderly tongue and lick it. Well, it’s giving him a throat job by sucking in wide circular motions on and around his Adam’s apple.


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