11. The Inner Thighs

This is one of the best pleasure points to touch in a man’s body, so don’t feel awkward to explore his inner thighs because his pleasure is your pleasure, it’s beneficial both ways. Just kiss, lick and nibble it before you go down to his shaft for maximum stimulation.

12. Feet

Feet are usually considered to be a dirty part of the body, but let me tell you that’s where all the pleasure lies, as they say from top to bottom. You can wash it clean and apply some massage lotion then begin to rub all over the tops and the soles and also in between the toes. Enhance the pleasure by sucking on his toes, he will love it.

13. Nipples

The way you enjoy when your man plays with your nipples, so do they. Pinch his nipples gently with your teeth, don’t bite it and caress them in-between your fingers and you will have him aroused and moaning. Their nipples are also sensitive as yours. So do what you want him to do with your nipples.

14. The Buttocks

Do not overlook this area of a man, as much as they are crazy for a woman’s butt, that much they prefer you to be crazy with theirs. So try and stroke his cheeks with your palm in a circular motion or grab and squeeze it while having sex, it will have them double aroused.

15. Belly Button

The belly button is connected with all the nerve endings, therefore, isn’t that the ideal place to explore? Run your tongue inside and around the belly button and you will find him stirring his body in pleasure.


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