The planet we live on is strange. Stranger than we could ever imagine! Earth is full of mysteries and amazing occurrences, making us believe in the magical powers of Mother Nature. They are sometimes beautiful; at other times, just a look at them can send a chill down your spine.

We at Bright Side were flabbergasted by some pictures we came across and would like to share them with you.

17. The mysterious ooze in China in 2013

It was a night in China in the year 2013. Suddenly, something strange and smelly started oozing out from the middle of the road. After a little while, this oozing foam apparently started going back into the same 1-cm-wide crack.

Many speculations were made to define this ooze, but none could be confirmed. The government did send out an official announcement that the ooze was accidentally leaked from a nearby subway construction site, but many didn’t believe this to be the truth.

16. The Eye of the Sahara

Also known as the Richat Structure, it looks like a big wide eye, hence the name: the Eye of the Sahara. With a diameter of 40 km, the eroded dome-like structure was first interpreted as an asteroid impact.

After several studies, it was concluded by geologists to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geological dome. The center of the dome consists of siliceous breccia, measured at around 30 kilometers.

15. The Black Crack in the White Rim Trail

The Black Crack is a natural fissure in Canyonlands National Park. It is said that the White Rim Trail, where the crack is situated, was used by cowboys and miners in earlier timesto get to the lower benches of Canyonlands. In 1918, it was made into a trail by a group of cattle ranchers, and it was widened by uranium miners in the 1950s. The crack is a natural formation, and its intimidating looks attract many people.The Trail has now become one of the most interesting treks among tourists. If you happen to be here, don’t forget to check out the low cliffs on your right on your way back from the trek. There is a large alcove around 200 yards away from the trail with 2 holes in its roof. It is said that the flint flakes scattered across the wash in front of the alcove are remains from the stone age. These flakes don’t occur naturally but were used as tools by prehistoric men.

14. The bioluminescent bloom

This seashore is lit so beautifully! The bioluminescent bloom in Hong Kong, also known as sea sparkle, is said to have been formed by farm pollution, which can be devastating to marine life and local fisheries.

Thus, however beautiful it may appear, it is alarming and needs immediate attention.

13. The Rainbow Mountains of China

If you’ve ever wondered what inspires humans to create paintings, you must see the Rainbow Mountains of China. Situated in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, these are truly nature’s wonderful creation.

Declared as a UNESCO heritage site in 2009, they are said to have got their colors from minerals, iron oxide, and other such substances.


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