Guys and girls! I know, most of you might have been in a relationship for a long period. And I guess you may be knowing the concept of turning-on very well.

I’ve seen some guys who have some pretty weird taste in women, and I appreciate that. Nonetheless, they always end up finding someone to date and who meets their ‘turn- on’ criteria. While some men are way too expressive, I’ve come across a few guys who have been very tough. And reading their mind is way too hard. How about if we can get some insight into their mind?

Let me tell you one thing that it’s no such tough task! Guys’ biggest weaknesses include everything from women wearing yoga pants and wearing their confidence to women flaunting their curves and playing with their hair.

And there are so many other things that are the biggest turn on for men. You will be amazed when you will match these qualities and try them out. So, let’s take a look.

#1 Making the first move


It is sometimes way hotter if a lady makes the first move and approach their man. Oh C’mon! It’s not some old 18th century, where only a man has to approach a lady. When a lady approaches a man with her thing, that is one of the turn-ons for men.

#2 Playing video games with your guy


Some guys or I would say almost all the guys have that sporty spirit. And believe me, girls, they just get so much excited when their girl has the same spirit in games as them.

#3 Being a bit nerdy never fails


When a girl is a bit nerdy, wearing those sexy glasses, she automatically turns-on their man.

#4 Girl with tattoos


Not all, but some man do really love the girls with tattoos at the sexiest places on their body.

Make sure, that tattoo is sensible enough.

#5 Girls who care for their body


Being a little toned and not having that belly bulge out of your body is definitely a turn on for women. Men like women who love and care for their bodies.


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