Though America Is Essentially The Brainchild Of Great Britain, There Are Some Significant Cultural Differences.

On a basic level, there are the linguistic differences. In England, a “chip” is a french fry rather than a thinly-sliced and deep-fried potato—those are called “crisps.” If you want to clean your house, you would “hoover” the carpets rather than “vacuum” them. Though these kinds of examples are virtually endless, there are some more nuanced areas of culture that internet denizens—particularly those on Tumblr—are quick to point out.

Without Further Ado, Here Are 30 Of The Best British/American Cultural Mix-Ups.

1. Tea Is The National Drink Of Choice—No Alternatives.


Although Americans have some history with tea (Boston Tea Party, anyone?), it pales in comparison to the British.

2. Precise Language Is Paramount.


Most of us at least know what fortnight means though, right?

3. There’s Nothing Quite Like State-Sponsored News Programming.


I’m sure they’re all very different.

4. Fun Fact: In Some Places, ‘Cheerio’ Is Not One Piece Of A Popular Cereal.


It’s always the little things that give you away when you’re in a foreign country.

5. Seems Like A Pretty Tough Thing To Miss.


England has definitely pulled off their fair share of naval surprises if history is any indicator…


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