Trying to understand men is not that easy as they have all kinds of emotions and feelings. Especially when it comes to intimacy matters things become a whole lot more enigmatic. Men may project themselves in a certain way but will actually have qualities that will be completely different than what meets the eye. Understanding men better will not only enable you to have a better relationship with them but also improve your love life since you will be able to address the underlying issues much more efficiently. Following are some of the secrets we have unraveled for you to establish that deeper and more meaningful connection with your man without getting entangled in the web of mysteries men weave about their personalities.


It is often assumed that men are very confident of their role in the intimacy department. It is expected of them to take the lead and initiate the act of making love. However underneath all that bravado is actually a very strong urge to satisfy their partner. To give their partner the best experience they could and they will try very hard to achieve that objective. Some men suffer from too much anxiety and keep on looking for their partner’s approval.

It may be bothering them as they want you to get the best experience out of your intimate relationship. On the other hand, women may not be that much concerned with their role and will be less strained about proving themselves. If a man ever brings up this topic, it would be best to reassure them of their performance because it will make them be at ease with themselves. Once they are comfortable they will loosen up and actually enjoy the intimacy instead of being on a constant lookout to dissatisfying you in any way. This will also make your intimate relations more natural and enjoyable.


Men take the matters between the sheets seriously especially when it comes to engaging in new positions that they might perceive as more satisfying. It is very important for men to please their partner and they will try different techniques that might work. If by any chance you feel that their demonstration is working on you and you do feel good about it encourage them.

You may bolster them onwards by certain verbal cues like a little moan to make them know you are certainly enjoying the experience. Such verbal cues may go a long way in making men more confident of their performance and they will feel rewarded.


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