Today face yoga is gaining increasing popularity. It includes a set of exercises that help women get rid of a double chin, wrinkles, and also make the skin more youthful. This is a very good method to maintain the muscles of the face in a tone. You can do yoga exercises everywhere you like, even at work. This method combines the traditional method of training the muscles of the face and neck with classical yoga elements. Prepare yourself for the fact that every time you do exercises, you will have a pretty stupid look, but such sacrifices are worth preserving the beauty and elasticity of your skin. If you are not lazy and regularly train your face, you will stay young and fresh as long as possible. Now let’s look at seven best yoga exercises to remove a double chin. Each of them needs a certain number of repetitions: from 5 to 15 and more to get the desired results. Cheek lift. Smile as wide as you can for some seconds. Repeat for about ten times.

#1. Kiss the giraffe

#2. Ladle

#3. Pigeon

#4. Tongue

#5. Nech Roll

#6. Stick Out Tongue

#7.Ideal oval


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