A guy will never go beyond limits for a girl until he loves her and wants her attention. And there are many things boys do to make their relationship work better with time and keep a hold of the love bond. You will be wondering what those things are that guys only do when they are in love? Here is the list.

1. He Shares Everything

When a man loves a girl, he will want to share each and everything with her love-lady- we mean everything. From talking about everything to sharing ice cream to eating together- he will prove that he is in love with that girl.


2. He Holds Your Hand Everywhere

Hand-holding is quite common in all new relationships, but only a special kind of couple would do it just about anywhere, regardless of the situation. If he reaches your hand while driving together, rest assured you’re the only thing on his mind. And if he does it in the most public of places, marry him immediately.


3. His Free Time is For You

Some people really need some space, and that’s completely fine. When a guy is downright in love with a girl, though, there’s no such thing as relaxing alone. Every passing minute is dedicated to yours truly – and when you’re not available, chances are they’re planning the next big, romantic date together.



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