4. He Spoons Even After Sex

The very act of spooning has a lot of meaning. When a guy doesn’t love a girl, he would try his best to distance himself after doing the dirty deed. When he spoons even after sex, though, that tells you just how much you truly rock his world. Sleeping with you is just a bonus.


5. He Makes Sacrifices Without Question

A guy will always want to have it his way if he could. But when it comes to the girl of his dreams, he’d be more than happy to cancel just about any plans if it means keeping you smiling. This ranges from hanging with the boys to sitting through a slow, romantic chick flick with you.


6. He Fights For Your Love

A real man recognizes when things are failing in a relationship without backing down. While any other guy would simply abandon ship or look for refuge by cheating, this special fella would fight to repair any and all damage to ensure the relationship survives for decades to come.



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