7. He Never Sugarcoats Anything

A guy that wants to get in a girl’s pants will say anything she wants to hear. One who truly loves her, however, will instead say what she needs to hear. His love is especially strong when he isn’t afraid to explore potentially hurtful conversations with you. Now that’s a keeper, right there.


8. You’re Always Beautiful 

Every girl feels down on occasion. No matter how much they try to fix themselves, the mirror will simply keep feeding them an undesired image. A guy who’s truly in love will never recognize the word “ugly” under any circumstance, even if she isn’t conventionally attractive in the eyes of society.


9. Respect Boundaries and Wishes

In spite of telling it like it is, a real man will also know where to draw the line and respect your choices. He will support your career choices and other strong desires, both short-term and long-term. This is all thanks to being a good listener and being with you every step of the way.



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