5. An Intense Moment

When there is an intensity to have $3x, then the actual joy comes when you try and please and pleasure the other person first. This is a very realistic situation where the priority is to try to satisfy the other person.

6. Having Hatred With Love!

In situations like this, where one goes beyond an acceptable level due to their whims and fancy, which pricks the other person. $3x occurring in spite of all this turns out to be more tantalizing and interesting, it’s like an ecstasy pill.

7. Gone Prone Situations

Once you have gone prone to this person from which there’s no escape, then one just cannot imagine a life or $3x without this person, it is a must situation. $3x in such situations happen to be more overwhelming, emotional and sincere.

8. Now or Never

When once you reach that now or never situations, where one is totally engrossed in making out and nothing else matters, as there could never be another day. $3x is really wild in these moments as you try to do it with a do or die attitude.


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