Whenever a girl is graduated in our society parents are more concerned about her marriage rather than the scholarships she can get with the secured marks or grade she achieved. If a boy crosses 25, the whole family is concerned with his single marital status rather than focusing on what he is achieving in his career. As you grow a bit older, people will tell you that the solution of your every problem is marriage, even problems won’t have existed at first place if you were married. Marriage is considered the only thing that can lead you to a happy life or a better future. People will tell you if you crossed a certain age you won’t get the marriage proposals afterward and you will be seen with a look of sympathy even in times when you are happy and 200% satisfied with the life you are living. Yes, marriage is important and one of the vital things that add meanings to your life. It’s a huge responsibility and changes almost everything in your life and surrounding. You have to compromise or even kill a part of you while you are planning the step in such a demanding chapter of your life. You are the person who should decide when you are going to marry not the social norms of the society.

Before starting a relationship or marrying someone, before judging the person you are going to marry make sure you are good enough as an individual. As a person you are having it all that takes a man/woman to love you. At that stage are you good enough that a person will invest his time, money, efforts in you? Are you developed enough that a person will love to stay committed and dedicate himself to you? If the answer, to any of these questions, is No, you can’t expect your relationship or marriage to perfect. Because in a situation where even you don’t consider yourself good enough how the other person will adjust to that. You can’t blame your husband or BF for your own shortcomings. The other person is a human too if you are not able to give your 100% how can you expect 100% in return. Secondly, the person you have selected to marry, make very sure that this is the person you can spend your life with. is that the person with whom you can spend a lifetime. Is that the person who is going to sleep with you every night. Make sure this person is worth every moment of your life. You didn’t shape yourself just for a random guy/girl in the town. Because when you are giving 100%, never settle for anything less than 100%. Most of the people make this mistake and think things will change after marriage or they will mold the person according to their own, or some even believe the post-marriage responsibilities will automatically shape their partner in the best possible pattern. It never works that way, marriage is not a test that you will pass after some classes or seminars. It decides your upcoming lifetime. Critically evaluate yourself and the person you are going to marry and luckily if you both are on the same page there is no bad in instantly marrying the person no matter on what age of life you are. Don’t let the society or any elder decide you when you are going to marry. its ok to take their advice, because they may have experienced the same struggle or went through the same situation you are at. But, until you and the other person don’t make 200%  collectively, don’t rush to marriage. Otherwise, you will also be another couple posting depressing stories and telling people how you ruined your life with just one bad decision.

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