How can you describe Love? said a guy sitting on the bench in front of me. It was calm eve and I was enjoying cool breeze when a guy asked this question to his GF sitting beside him. Those words captured my attention and even when I wasn’t welcomed I looked at the girl and waited for the reply. The eyes of girl glittered the moment boy asked this question as if she knows the depth and beauty of the words she is going to utter. She took a sigh and said “Home’. Home? How even both things are relatable, said the boy furiously. The girl smiled and continued, being in love is the same as being home. It comforts you even in the times when you are having a monster load. When you can’t even breathe, it acts like an oxygen cylinder and gives you the hope of life. It provides you with a safe place to live within. It provides you with space where you can rap your favorite song without even caring how this sound. It gives you the energy and space where you can dance weirdly without even thinking for a microsecond that you will be judged on those weirdly crazy moves. A “home” where the other person may not agree with your opinion and instinct. But, still, your concerns will be valued and appreciated at every possible phase. Where you can fight like it’s the end of the word and act like a bitch still deep down you know everything will be alright and you will be cherished as nothing some moments ago. A place where the other person knows all the ugly and dark sides of yours still trust you with all your insecurities and continuously work to get you over on these.

A home which is not only concerned with what you are giving but concentrate more on how you are being kept. But, love is not all about receiving. When this love is giving you a lot in even your worst moments, it’s also your responsibility to take care of every brick of that house to keep it strong as concrete. You can’t say you are in love when the sorrow of your beloved doesn’t bring tears to your eyes as well. There are times when even home is damaged by the rains and storms. Same goes for the love, you must take care of that “home” in every such situation and make sure you are not being an earthquake threatening the roots of the home.

Love is continuous work. Sometimes you must work to keep it safe. While other times it’s the responsibility of the Lover to keep you safe in the darkest moments. Beautiful paintings and fancy pictures on the walls of the house can just decorate your home and make it look good, but, they can’t withstand the storms which can destroy your home in a few seconds. Even you must have to save this fancy stuff in heavy wind. same goes for the love, long drives, dinner dates, walks in the park can make your relationship glitter but if the love is not based on true principles of love i.e honesty, commitment, respect, your relationship won’t be able to survive for too long. And those fancy moments will be the burden on your soul just as the paintings on the walls. The girl completed her reply and look at his guy who was a bit surprised with such beautifully described definition of love and I left with a feeling that I wish I can also get a girl with such deepest understanding of love.


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