It’s a Chinese saying that “Real gold is not afraid of the test of fire.” Same goes for the people who are thinking they should get into a long-distance relationship or not. If the love is real you won’t be afraid of the distance, if the commitment is real you won’t cheat even that person won’t ever find out that you cheated, if dedication is real you won’t give up until you made your partner happy after his long rough day at the office. A relationship is just a matter of love nothing else. If your love is real you will make it work otherwise you will make excuses to see the person even if they are living on the same street. Distance is never a parameter to measure the practicality of love.

This world is being a global village, you can find and access anything in any corner of the world even love. If you ever find a perfect partner in any other geographical location of the word, don’t think it as a taboo. Instead, take care of a few things and make it work.

-Don’t be too sticky, avoid extra communication. Remember, there is a whole different world around your partner and he/she had to cope up with that. Don’t get mad if they are not around, it is possible that they were maybe in an important meeting when you called them 20 times in one hour. Such situations are very dangerous in a long-distance relationship. When you will be mad on your partner for not receiving the calls, again and again, your partner may also be mad at you that you disturbed her/him in the middle of a meeting and kept on calling even being ignored.

– Stay honest and crystal clear to your partner. Don’t lie or hide any stuff which can be harmful for your relationship. Your partner is already so many kilometers away from you, so he/she will ultimately believe everything you say and will develop the future expectations accordingly. If any of your lie or wrongdoing is ever revealed, trust me your partner is never going to put trust in you. He/she might think that there can be many other such things which are hidden because of the distance.

– Stay as positive as much you can. There will be times when you will feel jealous seeing other couples cuddle, there will be times when you have to feel lonely because your beloved is too far away from you, you may have to deal a lot of shit by your own but you have to stay positive that one day all those hardships will come to an end. You have to believe in you and your partner. Otherwise you will start losing hope and loss of hope hollows everything.

– Appreciate all the efforts your partner is doing to make a long distance work. Remember, if they are making efforts from miles away, they will even move the mountains when they will be around just to make you smile. They will be feel valued and motivated with the appreciation they get in return of every effort and they will also satisfied with the fact that you know they are doing a lot for the relation.

– Most importantly, develop a plan  that how long you are going to live apart. When you are finally going to meet and live together for the rest of your life. How long it will finally take to eliminate that long distance between you guy. Keep it real, no one can stay in long distance relationship forever. you and your partner should be on the same page when it comes to this part of relationship otherwise sooner or later your whole love story will be just one click away from extinction forever.

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