What makes human life peaceful is not forces of compulsion, but that force which makes human souls liberated enough to support each other. This scenario leads human to the rather confusing question:  what kind of force would that be? Will social-needs attached to other people or personal means towards each other be that force? Love. Force.  If it is love, then what kind of love would that be? Love is exceedingly a broad term; it loses its real sense; it has now being used very generally; in fact, it is being misused as a pretext of creating wars and crimes all across the world in the name of LOVE for materialism; isn’t this makes it a cursed-love of the world! Unfortunately, Love is not fully understood. Love has always been a blessing; it is a road towards spirituality which can be reached through the path of heart; it cannot be reached by the relentless world’s struggles for the materialistic-modernity which is, in fact, a cursed love leading humanity towards destruction.

Those who say we love this and that, in fact, do not understand what love actually is. In reality, they do not know the essence of real love. In reality, love is a spiritual state which awakens compassion in a man. It creates a sense of real care without any personal interests. The materialistic world deluded human into thinking negatively in every sphere of life which is why the element of spirituality disappeared. Everybody takes love as a materialistic force to gain materialistic which subsided the blessings of love.

Consider a love married couple which is tolerating each other and living together mere for taking care of their offspring; where does all that love go after 3-4 years of love marriage? It has disappeared because of the disappearance of spiritual elements such as kindness, tenderness, and acknowledgment. Their love has been cursed with time because of materialistic needs and desires. They would have rendered all blessings of love if lived happily and understand each other with the passage of heart.

Wars are fought since the advent of early civilizations because of lack of humility. Humility comes from loving through the heart; loving through heart comes from the understanding of love. Unluckily, civilizations always engaged in unnecessary bloodshed because they took other fellow humans as enemies; the feeling of hatred and anger stripped them of any spiritual element; the so-called cursed love for wealth and power filled them with anger and envy and led them towards fighting for the personal needs. The substitution of real love with cursed love obliterates humility.

Poverty, hunger, jealousy, greed, envy, and competition in the world are the offshoots of unhappiness; in turn, unhappiness comes from the cursed-love. Poverty is a sign of lack of kindness and compassion for needy people. Similarly, emotions of jealousy, greed, and competition are strengthened in human when human distanced itself from spiritual road possible from the heart. Instead, he got trapped into the cursed-worldly-love and justifies all negative emotions with the element of materialistic love.

Love is the only spiritual source of happiness and blessing and it has always remained a blessing. It is the way out of any problem. Love ought to be used in its real sense. To love in a real sense, the spiritual factor is mandatory. The so-called love for materialism is a curse; Love does not work that way. To eradicate poverty and hunger one has to take care about needy people; to resolve disputes and stop wars, civilization need to understand that love is the only binding force that could prolong their peaceful living on planet; to bring love in relationships, human has a stronger force of love which will bring them closer spiritually. Love takes humanity closer to firm faith; faith in the good coming days; faith in the power of kindness; faith in the happiness.

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