It’s always hard to leave a person with whom you were planning to live an eternity a few days back. It’s a very helpless state when you realize you cannot repair your relationship anymore. You have spent a lot of happy hours, happy days, everything comes in front of your eyes when you even think about the idea of moving on. You fear, either you will ever be able to forget all those magical moments or not. It’s hard to bring your mind to a point where you have to teach yourself the concept of “Letting go”. Good memories are the first things that make this decision hard. Secondly, you don’t want to give up at a point where you have put a lot of your efforts in making a relationship work, you have invested a lot of your time and energy.

So, when is the time when you should mentally accept the fact that now it’s time to let go in order to grow, when is the time to eliminate a toxic relationship.

The first and simplest reason is if you are not happy in a relationship, there is no need to hold on that. From this, I don’t mean that you should not work for happiness, obviously happiness is always earned, it never comes knocking at your door you must seek out and approach it. Meanwhile, you should understand the fact that no one can stay happy 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. But, if your relationship can’t even provide happiness 1 hour a day or 1 day in a week even after you are giving your best, then there is no point in fooling yourself with the idea that it will bring you happiness in any way.

You know your relationship had hit the rock bottom when you are not satisfied emotionally. Elements like respect, affection, sincerity start running out of a relationship. Your feeling is not being valued neither you are being able to understand the sentiments of another person. A healthy relationship always requires mutual contentment, without this you can’t expect a relationship to flourish even if it’s being served with the finest wine in the world.

Another alarming sign is when you don’t feel satisfied in a relationship. You know it’s time to leave when your relationship brings more frustration rather than satisfaction in your life. You don’t feel easy or relax. You ultimately start thinking by yourself that is that the time moves on to decrease some headache from the life. And if the idea of moving on looks more suitable than carrying on, don’t delay for a second and make a move for yourself.

Another major sign is that you lose hope, hope as the biggest factor in deciding the future of anything on planet earth. When you start believing that you can’t turn the things around, no matter how hard you try or how much put into it, the results will be same. You realize the fact that no matter how many extra miles you go the other one won’t take a step for betterment. This is the end of a relationship. There is no more partnership beyond that point.

If any of these signs appear and you are still in the relationship, you are not a couple anymore, your example is same the people in the same cabinet of a train who are forced to sit together for an unknown destination.

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