When we talk about a long-distance relationship, many people surrender and say long distance relationship is not ideal when it comes to love. many people will discourage and will tell you how actually the large distance can be disastrous for your relationship. Many will ask you not to take a long-distance relationship seriously as it’s not a realistic approach to a relationship. Yes, to some extent long distance relationships are really hard, you can’t physically around the person even in times when they crave for your presence, it can create a sense of loneliness while you are having someone as a lover in your life.  The distance between you can complicate a lot of things and this is something not to blind on.

Long distance relationships may be tough or even more hard than they look like, still, there are many people out there who are happy just because of their lover who lives in another side of the world. While you’ll see many couples living next door for years and still they are not satisfied with the bond they are having. You find yourself getting jealous of the couple who are roaming around holding hands and walking in the park listening to the same songs. But, that doesn’t mean long distance relationship makes you feel less special.  It’s as special and magical as any other relationship in the world. Your partner is not with you physically. But mentally, you always carry them inside. They are always with you no matter wherever you are. Psychological support is way better than mental support, it adds much more enthusiasm than that of a physical being. You are always making plans and dreaming about the future that how you will be doing things when you will finally meat. It might sound odd, but this daydreaming helps you a lot in understanding the expectation, nature, and chemistry of the relationship. When they are on call or text they tell you what they were thinking, later on when they are not around you have a lot of time to interpret and process their thoughts. In today’s competitive environment when you are on your way to building a career or continuously trying to build something for the life. Its psychological support that you need rather than a physical being who is demanding a hell lot of you. In such cases, you can’t keep your efforts focused on either career or relationship. You don’t have to face such issues in a long distance relationship, even if you are not financially or emotionally stable, you get a lot of time to settle things down. Long distance relationship doesn’t put Burdon on your shoulders. You can have your life and struggle on while the side with a little but quality communication you can pace up the love side as well. With a long distance relationship, you really come to know the value of love, lover and relationship. You have to crave for the moments together and when you finally have them you don’t spend those moments sitting together and using your smartphones. You know what those moments mean to you, you know how much you have waited for those moments, you try to do justice with every Nanosecond you are spending together and this is what makes a relationship beautiful. It’s not the number of days in a relationship that counts, neither number of hugs matter in a relationship. The things that really matter is that to what extent your heart is enriched with the bond of love, to what degree you are satisfied with you are satisfied with your relationship and how much you crave for your partner the moment he/she leaves after a date and on every such matter, long distance relationship never disappoints.

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