It’s very hard to figure out what is the key to a happy relationship, especially in a world where you see depressed and sad couples all around and can spot a happy couple once in a blue moon. There is no rocket science that makes a relationship work. But, the little details of your life that decide what degree of love you can achieve through a relationship. There are many factors that decide either you are going to have a toxic relation or a healthy one.

Love is the very first thing that decides the degree of happiness or satisfaction in a relationship. By love, I meant true love. You have to let go of your egos and self-interests for the sake of your relationship and its longevity. You will put the mutual interest over your own interests, you must be selfless if you are planning to have a long-term relationship.

Respect and appreciate the existence and effort of each other. It helps you a lot in keeping a balance in your relationship. When a partner says No to any of your decision. Don’t get mad at the very moment. Respect his/her decision. Listen to him rather than being offended by him.  If his decision makes sense after a calm discussion, agree to him/her. Otherwise, do correct and get his/her facts right about that problem in a healthy way. With respect, you know the right limitations in the relationship.  If your relationship ever ran out of respect, trust me it won’t last too long. Respect provides the basic esteem to the relationship. It gives gesture that your partner doesn’t take you for granted.

Communicate directly, say what you feel like, say what you carry in your heart, don’t use any filter or mask while communicating anything to your partner. In times when you are mad or going through a rough patch don’t use any social media or any person as the mean of communication. Is can further intensify the situation. This is the time when you should be clear to your partner than ever before. Try to be physically there and resolve whatever you are struggling at.

Don’t take everything at heart. because most of the times a person say many things that he really doesn’t mean. Any person can’t stay the same for all his life. Be mature enough to understand your position in their life then listen and process things accordingly.

Help your partner to be himself/herself. Ask him to hang out with his/her friends. Give him/her space to breathe. Don’t let him feel that relationship had taken his life from him. Support him rather than pressurizing and burdening him with the demands of relationship. Provide him wings to fly rather than a cage to spend his life in.

Always remember the reason why they choose you over other 7 billion people in the world. Just because a person is in a relationship with you doesn’t mean you can be reckless with him and do whatever you want. Every person has some expectation to his relationship and when those expectations crack, what will make him stay in that relationship.

Give your partner and relationship some time to grow. Nothing changes overnight. It takes years to build an unbreakable bond. Your partner will take some time to understand your psyche and the things you want from a relationship. Meanwhile, you will also take some time in understanding the demands of the other person. it can only work when you both completely understand each other in every aspect otherwise there will be no difference in you and the prisoners in the cell of a police station who are forced to live with each other.

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