In the 21st century, one of the biggest struggles for the people is to differentiate between relationship and right relationship. Many people spend hours, days, months, weeks even years to find out how it feels to be in a right relationship or how even a right relationship looks like. Many people put themselves into a toxic relationship and lose themselves even in times when they wanted was to find themselves through a relationship. But, it’s not even that difficult to figure out the difference between a right relationship and just a relationship. If you even pay attention to minor details of your relationship you can easily figure out where you are standing on the first type of relationship or the second one.  A right relationship always brings out the best in you no matter what is the situation it always brings out the best in you and sees the areas where you can improve as a person. Not for the relationship, but for you as an individual because the right person wants you to succeed in every field of your life. They add a vision a wisdom to your thinking, where you don’t think either a glass is half empty or half full, you just think its that can be filled with the charm of your relationship whenever needed. It directly affects the way you see the world. Where you even think you can fly sky high just because a person is by your side. Right relationship doesn’t just provide you the wings to fly, it also gives you the confidence that you can fly. It makes you believe in yourself even in times when even you can’t believe in your own self. While providing confidence to fly, a right relationship also provides you with the courage to fly in times when you are acting like a crybaby because you are afraid of heights. Right relationship makes you believe that it will be there to catch you even if you fall. And when you finally fly, this relationship acts like a parachute and make sure even if you messed up you land safely. Even if you fail to do things as per expectations a right relationship will never tag you as a loser instead it will make struggles seem small and will make you prepare for the next chance. It never holds you back instead accelerates your efforts to make a better you. Right relationship will always make your life easy and will help you to stay lively. It won’t take any charm away from you just because of the individual disagreements.  A right relationship always knows the mutual responsibilities and efforts it take to keep a relationship healthy and sound rather than blaming each other for declining the spark of the relationship. Right relationship always acts like a teacher and keeps you on the right path even in times when your partner is kilometers away. You never want to let down this person. You always feel accompanied by that right person and this presence add such glow to your face which is brighter than the thousand glitters of the world.  When right relationship provides you the courage, confidence, esteem, a vision and wisdom to your life and make you struggle for a better you, you ultimately move towards satisfaction, you will be satisfied with almost everything around because you know that you are giving your best to touch the sky and even if you haven’t touched yet one day you will.

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