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Many people think that they lost the spark soon after getting married. They don’t feel butterflies in their stomach they use to feel a bit time before. Many people believe that marriage is the silent killer of a happy relationship. People think they were better in terms of love before getting married. Many couples want to go back to their relationship life because they think marriage had ham-fisted their relationship and their happy life. According to them love is left behind, or the thrill and spark of the relationship are gone.

Reality is way too different than that. No marriage kills the spark of a relationship. Neither it takes away the excitement of the love. the thing is your life changes a lot after marriage. You are not going to watch movies and hang out every night. You are life is not the same it uses to be when you were just committed. At that time, you people use to meet once or twice a week, but now you are living every moment of your life together. Everything will mold according. You won’t be having fancy dates at expensive hotels, you may not be able to get a bag of your favorite chocolates in months, you won’t be spending all in your pocket now, as you must save money for your own house or for the bills you have to pay as a family. Financial stability and saving money are not important before marriage but once you are married you have to think before spending every single penny as you have to be independent and maybe you are planning to have a baby or have a car in coming days.

Your spark is not lost, it’s just hidden under the surface of the new chapter of your life. Every stage of your life requires a different you. You can’t expect your life to be the same for all your life. These are just some phases of life that you have to cope up with. Otherwise, you may get the spark, but it will create a lot of drift between you and the outer world. If you really love someone, the spark never fades out. You can easily trace it by putting just a little love note in the pocket of your husband and see his facial expression when he reads that note. Play any song from his/her favorite playlist and check the way he/responds. Do any single act of love and even if you are having least understanding of love, you will find out what you mean to them or what is your position in the life of your beloved. That single moment will make you escape the biggest realities of the word and will take you to the wonderland from where you never want to come back.

Don’t ever confuse excitement with love. Excitement is just a temporary state while Love is the whole pattern of life. It comes with many stages and each one carries a lot of responsibilities and phases that you must accept with both hands. Every phase has its own beauty and charms. You must welcome those upcoming charms rather than sticking to one or two things that you experienced many years ago. if you did so, you might get your so-called spark, but you won’t be able to see many other mysteries of the love.


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The Love Dilemma