The Love Dilemma

Love and relationship? What are they?  What exactly are these terms? Every single day we see someone is craving for love while someone is crying for love. Someone is smiling because of a relationship that turned his/her life into heaven. While someone hangs himself to death because of a relationship. Some people are singing for a relationship while some are transforming their heartache into lyrics because of Love. Someone is dreaming because of love while someone at the same time can’t sleep because of a love and a relationship he/she started a few months ago. For someone, a relationship is just a small aspect of life while there is another person in the street who’s love gave him the vital meanings of his life. Some think love and relationships are the easiest things to spell, while for some that same love and relationship is the hardest thing to pronounce. Some people can’t even breathe without a relationship while others are breathing because they moved on & get over a relationship. Some are searching for a relationship to find their own self, while some found their self by letting go of a relationship.  From relationship, some people gain the power to conquer the highest peaks of the word while some people don’t know what to do with this relationship. Some people are afraid to lose a relationship, while some are afraid to be in one. Some people tell you the stories that how love made them the happiest person on earth, while some are updating stories that how love screwed each and everything around them. Some people were able to find freedom through a relationship while some people are caged because of a relationship. Some will tell you being in a relationship is the best thing in the world while some will tell you it’s the deadliest metaphor on planet earth.  For some people, relationship gave them the entire world while for some people relationship eliminated them from the whole universe.

Such a huge contrast, right? And whom to trust is the paramount question to ask. How to build a perception when it comes to love and relationship, which are so far the most important aspects of human life. Well, the simplest possible answer to all that dilemma is “You reap what you sow”. All the above-mentioned situations are right. But, it’s entirely up to you that how creatively you choose to paint this canvas called Relationship.  a very vital part of human life. Hence can affect you with the same or higher intensity. If you are not handling a relationship right, you will ultimately face the consequences. People who tag love as the deadliest disease are the one who themselves were injecting venom and negativity in the relationship. They played reckless with the relationship and hence they faced the consequences. While on the other side the people who are happy because of a relationship are the people who didn’t take it for granted and worked for the positive outcomes. A healthy or a toxic relationship is neither a coincidence nor Luck, it’s entirely the result of your right doings or wrongdoings. A cup of coffee won’t serve you the tea if you are keeping such expectations you are the one to be blamed not the cup. Same is the case with the relationship if you will put colors in it, you will be rewarded with a rainbow soon. If you are filling it with chaos, then it also won’t take many days to make you the saddest person in the town.

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