When someone says, what is love? let them know that love is one hell of a drug. When you feel it, it takes you to the highs you have never been before. Whenever you are touched by the winds of love, you escape the reality and the entire world fades except the person you love. it’s a journey from 7 billion people to only one person in the world. It’s like the last piece of the puzzle which can complete or incomplete you at any moment. It’s a never-ending ride, once if you sat on Love jeep, it stays with you for the rest of your life even if you jumped off that jeep will start following and will stop at the doorstep to take you again. It’s like swimming in a never-ending ocean of the world. Love has no limits, it knows no boundaries. A ride on which you don’t consider any wrong side you just drive without the considering the consequences of destination you are directed to. You just drive and hope to stay with the person you have selected from 7 million people of the world. And expect the other person feel this too. Whenever you are happy about any rather than considering your own happiness you start imagining how happy that person will be when will experience this thing. You start understanding lyrics of the song which never made sense to you. You will start downloading the genre which you never clicked on before just because you can relate the lyrics matches your feeling and take you to the dreamland, a place where only you two exist. You can act according to your mood because you know that person can handle your mood swings and can take you from all-mad to all-happy in some seconds. A tree named “patience” is planted in your heart and mind. You are not offended by the time they take to reach a point where you want them to be. You just wait and make efforts for them to be there. Just because they are uncomfortable, you are ready to trade off things which you never dreamed to give away even in your wildest dreams because they matter more than your own self. You never get tired of them, time flies when you this beloved is around. You even want the clock to stop the tick tack and let you have the moment. You start missing him/her the moment he/she leaves. Even in times when you both had nothing to talk and were not able to fill the silence from many hours. You start imagining them in every moment; when you look good, you want them to look at you or even when you look ugly the very first thought that pops out in your brain is that “what he/she will think if he/she saw me in this condition”.  They are the last thing on your mind while going to sleep and the very first thought after waking up. You want them on the same pillow you are lying on just to see their sleepy and morning faces and to tell them how cute they look in that. They can come and share any random stuff with you still this idiotic phrase will important to you as the anything in the world. You will act like he/she is the last person on earth and all you will is strive for their happiness without even considering the extra miles you have to go. Now, tell me is there any other drug which stones you to that extent that you forget your own being and think about that high all day long.


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The Love Dilemma