Strangers to friends, friends to best friends, best friends to lovers and from lovers to strangers again. It’s a very well-known cycle of relationships these days. People these days know they will break up and part ways even before getting into a relationship. Especially our modern days’ relationships are too sensitive to last forever. You may call it evolution but its reality that couples these days really don’t know or understand the core concepts of love and relationship. Which is the main reason that people are failing in the game of love?

Technology is continuously striving to bring people closer. It had brought people to a degree of closeness where you can’t even breathe. You can connect to your partner via call, text, voice notes etc. and literally forget that your physical presence also matters to the bond of love. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp provide you with such an immense amount of information that you don’t feel the need to meet the partner in person. Cyber connectivity takes you nowhere, but, the emotional attachment does! Which only comes from spending time and going through thick and thin your partner’s life.

In strive of being more social, people prefer to spend more time with hundreds of people rather than investing their time in one person who is actually really important to them. We can even walk for miles just to spend an hour with the college squad, while we are not willing to take a step for our beloved ones.

People are too lazy to bring out the best in anyone, instead, they make relationships and commitments on the slightest attraction and jump out when that attraction starts to fade. Later on, they again find a fish from the pond and do the same to them. They just date and break, and continue doing that without really exploring the beauty of a single person neither they are ready to bring the best in any one of them. They don’t give a serious chance to any of their partners. Instead, people are always in search of a better person.

People are not ready to stay in one place for too long. They see commitment as a trap hence, they never want to be caged forever. We are becoming a commitment-phobic generation. Whenever we think of the relationship, they very first thought that crosses our minds is “how can people spend their whole life with one person”. This question ultimately creates very horrible and scary scenes in their eyes they are afraid to of relationship even before entering one. With so many available options people don’t think they can stay committed to only one person for the rest of their life.

Nowadays practicality matters more than emotions. No one wants to drive kilometers just to see their beloved ones. Instead of keeping in view the practicality they will more likely break up with that person rather than getting used too of this drive.

Demands from a relationship are changed in these days. Rather than asking for love, affection, commitment, and dedication from love, people demand hugs, kisses, sex, hangouts and romantic stories to flaunt in front of people. Metal hugs are of no use if your relationship is lacking a basic element like sincerity. People have sex before even they don’t entirely trust the person or are not even sure of the fact that either they love that person or not.

With such broken mindsets and clumsy concepts of love, how can you expect that relationships are going to last forever? Let’s just hope this lost generation gets back on the track of real love and reach its real destination where a happy relationship should be before its too late.

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