To prove your love, you must end up marrying the person you claim to love. From the Barbie characters to the characters in the novel every love story is expected to end with a happy marriage. Moreover, from the very young age, one of the vital concepts given to us for a happy life is marriage or a happy marriage. In a society where marriage holds such an extraordinary importance in one’s life. A question arises that when should a person? what is the ideal age to get married? Or what is the right time to get married? Because the timing of the marriage holds equal importance and is as crucial as the person you are marrying and marriage itself. There are millions of couples around who were having the finest chemistry but after marriage, the spark was lost or somehow the things went out of nerves and either they end up parting ways or are thinking to part ways in order to spend rest of the life in peace. The divorce rate in love marriages is way more than that of arranging marriages. Keeping in view such cases and those stats can we say the time marriage is the only factor that decides how long your marriage will end. No, obviously there many factors that are deciding the length of a relationship a and right time to marry is one of them.

The right time to marry varies differently in different cases. This is not something we can generalize that between this to this you should be married or having a baby. This is entirely up to when you think you are ready for bringing a person into your life with this bond called “Marriage”. Marriage doesn’t only want love and affection, it requires dedication, time and a hell lot of commitment from both the partners. You are ready for the marriage when you can let go “ME” perspective of life and willing to work on “WE” perspective. This is the first determinant. Second, many young people jump into relationships even in the very starting phase of the career or even when their career is not even started. Your career should have your undivided attention in starting phases. If your dream is to be the CEO of a firm, at least you should be on your way to becoming the CEO of a company or should be a few steps back on the track.  The reason behind is that marriage and carrier both are equally important and sensitive aspects of life and a person can’t trade off one of these perspectives for the other. So, if you jumped into marriage while still figuring out how to even start your carrier or in very beginning phases of your carrier, you won’t be able to keep Work-Life balance because both of these aspects require the highest level of commitment, dedication and time in initial stages.

Third, you should have the complete surety of the fact that until now, I have done a lot in my life alone. I have had a lot of individually now is the time when I should really start the new chapter of life and cherish the coming moments with a person next to me and my soul.

Fourth and one of the most important factors is you should be financially stable and independent while jumping in Marriage. This works much like a confidence booster in a relationship and provides a level of satisfaction and reliability.

These are the factors which act as a pillar and decides the right time of getting married and create a bridge between Marriage & a Happy Marriage.


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