Breaking up is never easy and getting over a relationship is even worse. It’s something we never imagine or see it coming. You have to collect every bit of you in order to grow again. You are shattered and devastated meanwhile you must cope up with the world at the same pace. Many people spend years to get rid of the ghosts of sorrow and grief haunting them each night.  In such cases when your entire world looks faded, what you should seek to breathe again? Though the healing process is different for every individual here is some general guideline you can consider if you ever go through a heartache.

–  Accept that you will go through a rough patch, but this patch will only over when you will collect enough spirit to get over that. Obviously, you were giving you all in a relationship, you planned every coming day together and when it’s over you can’t expect it smooth and easy. It will hurt and will hurt even more then you could take. For the broken people, pain is not the problem, the problem is that they keep on repeating and reminding themselves about the heartache they are going through. They will tell their story to 100 people and repeat this story 1000 times in their own mind as well. Tell me, how a wound will be healed if you will keep on touching him. It never gets better this way, its ok you went through a breakup but it’s not the very last thing on earth try to distract and deviate you mind as much as you can if you really want to recover.

– Work for yourself, change your lifestyle, change your daily life habits. Don’t meet the people who directly or directly can work as a bridge between you and your ex. Delete every single song on your playlist that reminds you of your relationship. Don’t be your own victim. Break every thread, burn every boat that can ever take you to your past. Try to get into new activities. Do some exercise, meet some new people. Do everything that can make you forget about your relationship even for some seconds.

– When you have changed your habits and did every possible thing to keep your environment healthy. It’s now time to make these changes from within as well. It’s now time to change your thoughts, change your way of thinking, change the way you see things, change the perspective which you were living with. it’s all you to you now, you will decide either you will play a victim or a hero. don’t be a mental slave of your past.

–  Its ok to stay low sometimes, but it’s never ok to stay ever after. Understand your own psychology and figure out what really works for you in the moments of grief.  What can help you out when you are crying like there is no tomorrow. Understand your mechanism of emotions and work on that. You can’t spend all your life under the same umbrella. It’s just a breakup not the end of the world.

– Don’t fall for an illusion that you won’t be loved again. Your ex is not the last person on earth, there are more than 7 billion people out there. Don’t fear that you will not be able to taste love again. This can may lead you back to the toxic relationship which you are trying to get rid of. Take your time to recover, recover and come stronger than ever, start smiling again and you will ultimately see love waiting for you again.

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