When you calculate the number and ratio of successful relationships and unsuccessful relationships you can easily see that the number of unsuccessful relationships in the 21st century is way more than that of successful ones. Why is that? When mankind is touching the moon, why they are failing at the simplest thing as love and relationship. On one side we are discovering the properties of the smallest element on earth i.e. atom. While on the other hand we are failed to see how a vital and main element of human life works i.e. Heart. hundreds of couple part ways every day because they feel the love is lost. Why relationships are not as successful these days as they were one or two decades ago. Are we unable to understand the chemistry of love? or we have forgotten what is a relationship or Love and this is more horrible and terrifying than the first mentioned question.

Well, the answer to all that mystery is that we are not “Ready”. A successful relationship demands dedication, sacrifices, commitment, compromises and the uncountable determined efforts to be on track. While we are not ready to put such an extraordinary amount of efforts in a relationship. The best term to define generation these days is “quitters”. We are quitters when it comes to breaking barriers. We want everything to be very easy. We want our relationship to flourish without making any efforts. We can’t come out of our comfort zone. We’ll most likely refuse a movie proposal from our partner just to see our favorite TV show. And later on, the same person will be wondering why he is not having the magical chemistry other couple are having. We are not even allowing the love and relationship to grow. Instead, we are ready to kill it before time.

Another reason is that today’s generation is confused either they are looking for Love or excitement, relationship or thrill.  We want a partner who is more fun rather than a person who is having the deepest understanding of love. While spending time together we are more concerned to make Snapchat stories rather than creating memories for our own self. We want our partners to be adventures rather than a partner who understands the storms of toxic silence.  We don’t want a lovely person instead we want a lively person. We don’t see the things in the long run, instead, we see what and who can cherish the moment we are living. Adventure and thrill are creating a bottleneck on the bond of love and relationship we are unable to go through. We see and judge partners on that basis and end up losing the people who could have easily turned our life into heaven even though they didn’t look as thrilling as many others.

We want instant results out of everything. We don’t understand that the feeling of affection and love can take years, instead, we put in a little effort and want that mole to be a mountain within a few days. And when it doesn’t give the required results we are frustrated and exhausted and start to blame the other person for being perfect or as per our expectation.

We are too busy trying to cope up the pace of the city life and materialistic dreams that we don’t have time for emotional belongings. We are ready to invest our all in everything except love and relationship. We either we take it too granted or ignore it at all. If people of this century moved at this pace with the same attitude, soon there will be a day when mankind will be having everything in excess but love, sincerity and relationship will leave the doors of their house forever.


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