In a bizarre event that no one believed could happen, a judge tried to sentence a criminal for 30 years, and to her surprise, she was the one sentenced, after the accused replied with “no u” to her verdict. This is not something you see everyday.

The judge Juana Manzana has been sentenced to 30 years whereas the accused was just freed. The accused was in court for murder, and all the hate, shame and charges passed to the judge after the accused said “no, u”.

After this ultimatum, the Justice System is considering to ban the phrase “no, u” from courts, because it’s too powerful and can lead to results like these.

“I’ve been a judge my entire life, and I’ve judged hundreds and hundreds of cases. I never imagined that my career would end like this. I am so sorry”, said the judge to our reporter Gary Cockburn. She assures that “she didn’t see it coming”.

The former accused is now considering to become a lawyer, since he’s gonna easily win any debate.


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