Florida.— Yesterday, a man was pulled over and asked for his license, but he immediately told the cop “your mom gay lol” and got himself arrested. The man thought the cop would take it as a joke, or maybe even reply “no u”, but sadly, it didn’t happen.

The cop argued that he was just doing his job, and he was trying to check the man’s license, but he got a disrespectful phrase and was forced to arrest the man.

“People need to start respecting their superiors. I’m a cop. I’m doing my job. You need to respect me.”, said the cop to our reporter Gary Cockburn. He kept going: “The problem with this insult is that it’s not a simple one. It’s the ultimate insult. It’s a very complex set of words, placed in a specific order to be as offensive as possible. I couldn’t let him get away with this”.

On the other hand, the man tried to defend himself: “I was a little drunk. Anyways, he shouldn’t have pulled me over. He got what he deserved. The ultimate insult.”

The man assured he regrets nothing.


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