Cheyenne Amber West is a 25-year old woman from Florida was recently charges for shoplifting. She attempted to shop for a few electronics for $3.80 when the real amount was $1825. This incident took place at an outlet of Walmart in Florida. Walmart is famous for its low prices and on-sale products. However, it is not possible to give almost 99% discount on any product.

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The woman took valuable electronics such as a laptop and video game controllers and tried to check them out via self-checkout area. She was accompanied by her mother at the time when they took the barcodes from electronics and replaced them with the stickers of the sold items in the clearance area. After they were done with the replacement, the went to the self-checkout counter with the hope of getting out without being noticed.

Cheyenne and her mother succeeded in scanning the items through the self-checkout counter. When they were paying the amount of $3.80, they were seen by a security guard at the mall. The authorized personnel caught them and found out that the pair was paying $3.80 instead of $1825. The authority let the mother go and charged Amber with felony grand theft shoplifting.

On interrogation, Amber said, “I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford and the computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice as well.” However, she had to pay $300 for the bail bond and will have to face the court again in December.

Walmart deals with three to four shoplifting cases every day. They have special forces at work to deal with situations. Former loss protection supervisor at Walmart told that there are three different kinds of shoplifters:

The first kind of shoplifters are the ones who steal small and really cheap items which comes under petty theft. Most of the times home-pregnancy tests are taken from the counter and used in the bathrooms at the mall so that these items are used on the premises and not taken home.
The second kind of shoplifters are the ones who steal small but expensive items such as printer’s cartridges. They are the serial thieves who steal the items and later bring them back to the return counter and ask cash in return.

The third and last kind are the ones who will steal almost everything which they see. They do this act on daily basis. Once they manage to sneak things out of the mall, they sell it off to smaller convenience stores. According to the supervisor, there is a third kind and all the members of the group live close to each other. When one of the group members steal an item, the other one will go to return it and demand cash.

Amber’s mother was also questioned about the shoplifting incident, she said: “Yes, I know what my daughter was doing but I never walked out with anything, and she is just trying to get gifts for her son.”

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Since Walmart deals with a number of such cases every day, they have taken measures to deal with them. They have installed security cameras to keep a watchful eye on almost everyone coming in and going out. So, if someone tries to steal something in future, there is a good chance of getting caught.


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