Jenna Levine, 19, is a student at Syracuse University. One night, she couldn’t get to sleep because her neighbors were being too loud with their “romantic activities.”

Knowing it was a sensitive and awkward thing to complain about, Jenna wanted to ask her neighbors to keep it down, but in a mature and polite way.

In a handwritten note she posted to Twitter, Jenna asked her neighbors in Room 338 to be a bit more quiet, so as not to remind her “of how alone I am.”

But Jenna was surprised when she noticed something being slipped back through her door in response!

Jenna Levine

Jenna Levine is a student at Syracuse University.

Recently, she found herself awake, alone, and annoyed on a school night.

The 19-year-old desperately wanted to get some sleep, but her neighbors across the hall in Room 338 were making it impossible.

They were being too… erm… “loud,” if you know what I mean.

Twitter / Jenna Levine

Jenna wanted to ask her neighbors to tone down their sexual escapades, but she didn’t want to be rude about it.

So, she decided to write them a short, honest, and endearing note.

Hello neighbor,

Please have sex a little more quietly please.

Some of us are trying to nap and not be reminded of how alone I am… feel free to make all the love you want.

Just please, make it nasty at a lower volume.

Thank you!

Jenna slipped the note under her noisy neighbors’ door and went about her evening.

Twitter / Jenna Levine

But shortly after, Jenna was surprised when something was slipped back through her front door.


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